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Danish doctor Imran Rashid studied the impact of online life and sifting through massive amounts of data on our physical and mental health.

SundDigital hjalp min familie og jeg til at nyde tiden med hinanden bedre

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  • SundtHjemmeskole papkasse mock2 400x400 - Homeschool Box

    Homeschool Box

    Our Home School Kit is filled with necessities for the home school day and helps your child create an overview of their school day.
  • kopi 2 2 e1610100086569 400x400 - Remote Work Kit

    Remote Work Kit

    Our Remote Work Kit is filled with necessities for the home office and will help you create an overview of your working day. 
  • Thermo mug for remote working

    Thermal mug

    A good ‘Walk & Talk’ meeting starts here. Pour tea or coffee into your thermal mug, tie your shoelaces and take your phone meeting with you.